Fleet Sheets offers the following subscription plans for our Market Update Tool:

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Just The Basics

FREE Forever

For the one-man-show that doesn’t want to fix it if it ain’t broke:

  • Weekly Round-Up Sheets

  • 2 Aircraft Makes


The Layover Stop


For the mom and pop shop that hates wasting time almost as much as they hate spending money on tech:

  • Weekly Round-up Sheets

  • Comprehensive Daily Updates

  • 5 Aircraft Makes


Flagship Service


For the professional market researcher whose salesmen don’t seem to understand that it takes more than 30 seconds to spool up a brand new market:

  • Weekly Round-Up Sheets

  • Comprehensive Daily Updates

  • Unlimited Aircraft Makes

  • Generate Custom Reports On Our Latest Data From The Fleet Sheets API

  • Full 24-Hour Access To Our Growing Spec Sheet Database

  • Custom Spreadsheet Design**

  • Custom Update Timing And Frequency

**Certain limitations apply to what is possible here. We’re engineers, not wizards.

Data disclaimer

The Fleet Sheets software is constantly scanning the web for publicly available market information; we also process publicly available email alerts from sources like Controller and ADN. The benefit of using the Fleet Sheet service is having all of this fragmented information in a single place with simple formatting.

Fleet Sheets DOES NOT publicly redistribute data from paid sources like JetNet, Aircraft Post, Matterhorn White, or others. Doing so would be a violation of user agreements and an act of poor faith on behalf of the market research community. The Fleet Sheets team hopes to supplement, not detract from, the valuable work being done by other companies with intelligent software and simple design.