You are no stranger to how inconsistent and fractured market data in our industry can be. You dread the constant research that sends you scurrying down the rabbit hole in pursuit of countless email alerts from disparate sources. Another update from Controller, AvBuyer, ADN, PlaneMover, JetNet, …. it’s endless.

We felt the same way about it — fed up with all the time wasted on those damn emails.

Fleet Sheets Data was thus born out of a need to do it better.

A need to simplify the process.

A need to save time.

Because time kills deals. And one of the biggest sources of your wasted time is in market research. Join your competitors and let us help you do it better.

Data disclaimer

The Fleet Sheets software is constantly scanning the web for publicly available market information; we also process publicly available email alerts from sources like Controller and ADN. The benefit of using the Fleet Sheet service is having all of this fragmented information in a single place with simple formatting.

Fleet Sheets DOES NOT publicly redistribute data from paid sources like JetNet, Aircraft Post, Matterhorn White, or others. Doing so would be a violation of user agreements and an act of poor faith on behalf of the market research community. The Fleet Sheets team hopes to supplement, not detract from, the valuable work being done by other companies with intelligent software and simple design.