Who we are

It started with a simple data aggregation tool, but now we’re on a larger mission to help you deploy smart technology to simplify your aircraft sales process. We’re a team of full stack web developers, marketing professionals, data engineers, statisticians, and designers who are dedicated to helping you improve efficiency, close more deals, and boost your bottom line.

What we do

Put Your Best Foot Forward Online

If your website was made before ADS-B technology was even invented, it’s time for a facelift. We can help you re-think your web presence to boost your speed, improve your visibility, and drive the conversions you need to be successful.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful plane listed on one of the first websites to ever make it online.

The Computer Is There To Help

If you’re spending your valuable time performing repetitive tasks in Excel or trying to track down the same information from different sources over and over again, stop! Let us help you figure out how to deploy intelligent software to automate those processes. Computers love crunching data at the speed of light, and we’re sure you’ll love the relief of having it done.

Better Leads = More Sales

We’re experts in using modern lead generation technologies and social networks to find the contact information that’s going to help you sell more airplanes. A well-placed email, and quick follow up phone call might be the only thing standing between you and that extra bump in revenue you’ve been chasing.

Advance Your Competitive Edge With Technology

If you’ve been kicking around an idea for how to utilize technology to improve your company’s performance, get in touch so we can work together to bring it to life.

Whether it be client management solutions, marketing content, data processing, communications technology, etc. — if we can’t figure out how to help we will gladly point you in the direction of who can.

Data disclaimer

The Fleet Sheets software is constantly scanning the web for publicly available market information; we also process publicly available email alerts from sources like Controller and ADN. The benefit of using the Fleet Sheet service is having all of this fragmented information in a single place with simple formatting.

Fleet Sheets DOES NOT publicly redistribute data from paid sources like JetNet, Aircraft Post, Matterhorn White, or others. Doing so would be a violation of user agreements and an act of poor faith on behalf of the market research community. The Fleet Sheets team hopes to supplement, not detract from, the valuable work being done by other companies with intelligent software and simple design.